Solar Piranha was conceptualized in 2012 by the founders of Natural Power and Energy, LLC. Ben Garrett, John Mitman, and the founders of NPE quickly realized that affordable module mounting hardware was no where to be found, and if it was, it didn't withstand the elements in a reliable and long-lasting way. NPE sought out a solution of their own by engineering the strongest, most affordable solution to this industry-wide problem, and alas! came Solar Piranha. Over the last several years the Natural Power and Energy business grew, merged with Urban Energy Solutions, LLC, and is now working under a much larger umbrella alongside UES and Midstate Energy. Having completed more than 75 MW of solar system installations with Solar Piranha hardware, we are now ready to actively spread the word about our hardware solution, offering a trustworthy and cost-effective product.

Meet John Mitman

Co-Founder of Solar Piranha & Director of Development and Engineering for Urban Energy Solutions, LLC, Solar and Energy Storage division. John's favorite past times include: training Golden Retriever service dogs for non-profit organizations, practicing his golf skills in the Valley of the Sun, and staying an active board member on ASU's Professional Science Masters program for Solar Engineering and Commercialization.

Meet Ben Garrett

Co-Founder of NPE/Solar Piranha & Director of Operations for Urban Energy Solutions, LLC, Solar and Energy Storage division. The truth is, Ben's many successes in life can't fit into this small bio. What is worth noting however is that this bull-riding, baseball memorabilia collecting, entrepreneurial-minded, Amarillo-raised ex-Marine will go to any lengths to ensure integrity and honor along every step of the business process. Rest assured you are in good hands when working with Ben.

Meet Shannon Roepke

Sales Extraordinaire for Solar Piranha & Project Manager for Urban Energy Solutions, LLC, Solar and Energy Storage division. Shannon has a knack for relationship building, overcoming obstacles, driving projects forward, and will most certainly jump at any opportunity to help better your business. Most recently, Shannon volunteered for John's favorite non-profit, learning to raise and train this hard working service dog to be placed in a permanent home for a person in need. 

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